A surefire way to boost focus at work

How can you increase focus on your team?

A lack of focus is costing companies thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions, depending of the size or your company. If there's one gift that we wish every team member had, it's the ability to know what to think about.

Nothing will cost your company more than unproductive thinking. Think about every time that somebody in your company or a team member spends time thinking about things that don't save the company money or make the company money.

They're probably spending that time thinking about something that causes the company to stay flat or worse decline. And then not only are they spending time thinking about things that are making the company decline or stay stagnant, they're not spending time thinking about things that are making the company grow. And so you're not just causing the company to decline, your opportunity cost on the thinking is even higher, because you're not moving forward.

So how do we actually control this to some degree? How do we rein in what people in our company are thinking about?

Well, here's a plan that you may want to consider implementing. If you're a company with more than one team member, either hire or delegate one person to be an execution director. If you're an entrepreneur, we would call this an accountability partner.

This person's sole job is to make sure things get done.

What they do is simply establish the three big goals that the company should establish every week that the entire team is going to tackle. Wo everyone is responsible for turning in their three things that they have to get done that are working to achieve the end goal of that week.

And what does that tell the execution director? It tells them, what is the business and team members focusing on? It's a great little litmus test for the execution director/accountability partner to be able to say, "Yeah, we're focusing on the right things". Not only that, but anybody that participates in this way and sits down and writes down, the big three things that they're focusing on this week, is actually causing themselves to focus on the important things.

Than from there, the execution director/accountability partner can now refine and see if those things aren't important. So they can go back and say:

"Two of these things are great. The third one is just not super important for you to think about, how can we restructure what you're thinking about, so you're moving in the right direction".

You know when somebody steps on the gas in a car, and you kind of pin back to your seat? When you actually implement the big three, you can actually feel the company jolt forward.


Because (especially modern companies) a lot of you may be dealing with physical labor and those kinds of things, but if you're dealing with intellectual stuff, you're literally selling the time that your team spends thinking, and the more productive their thinking is, the more value your customers are going to get.

So what you want is super, super productive thinking.

Here's a simple tip for you. Consider actually assigning (especially the principal members of your team) that they submit in the three big goals and priorities of the week to kickstart this. KEEP IN MIND, in order for this to work, it's has to come full-circle. You've also got to pay attention to it, you've got to read it, you got to give them feedback. So you can't just allow them to turn it in and you simply just put it in a desk and not read it or follow up with your end.

So every execution director or persons assigned to this role that turns it in, you have to call them, or email them and provide them with the necessary feedback that tells you whether this goals are aligning with the companies growth. So things like:

"Hey this looks really good to me. I'm glad you're focused on this thing, or I like two and three. Not sure about number one here"

So the simple tip for you is to assign the big three to your principal players and give them feedback. When that starts working. You can have them assign the same assignment to their team members. Make it religious. They've got to write it down. They've got to turn it in. What are the big three goals for every team member this week, and you're going to rein in that unproductive thinking that is costing you an enormous amount of money.


In the modern era of the workplace culture. We've seen this work BUT we've also seen this backfire when it comes to companies with larger teams and their subsequent leaders. If you're in a position of being a leader. You need to understand that your team needs to know the 'Why' of what you're asking them to do. Their driver may simply be just a paycheque (and that's ok) and to you it may be your livelihood. It's important to recognize that those are two very different actions, outcomes, needs and wants.

If you want them to care as much as YOU do, then you need to take the initiative to change that by helping them to understand the 'WHY' and participating in what you're asking them to do.

This is NOT a place for you to exact your frustrations of an unproductive workforce that's causing you money. That's NOT on them. As an owner or leader that may be suffering from this type of inefficient culture – The reality is that it's important that you take on that recognition and responsibility and own it. Inspire the change needed to move in a forward direction. So what we highly recommend is for leaders to help their team understand WHY they're doing what you need them to do, so that it inspires them to take up the 'just' cause on their own validity and understanding. Lastly, as mentioned above. It's important that as a leader, you're also executing you're part of the overall plan. So forge ahead with vigour and inspire your team to be better. Execute this plan with them. This shouldn't be a practice of futility and punishment. It may take some time with this type of approach, but in the long run, you'll end up building a much more lasting and stable culture that has the ability to govern this approach on their own with great efficiency, which will also lead to residual growth.

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