Getting A Customer's Attention!

Here’s the one practical way you can make or save money today. In the age of distraction, how on earth can we get our customers to pay attention to what we offer? Here’s one (surprisingly simple) tactic you can use to get customers to actually listen to you.

Okay, so how in the world do you get people to listen to you?

Say if you're at a cocktail party, how do you get people to pay attention instead of glazing their eyes over you and looking over your shoulder? How do you get people to open your email? How do you get people to pay attention when you stand up to give a speech? – Here's one huge tip we've learned a long time ago.

Start with a problem – Nobody is paying attention to you until you start talking about a problem. Why?

Because our brains are wired for problem, solution, problem, solution, problem solution. And so many times we step up and say, here's our solution, but we never actually define the problem.

For instance, let's say you sell scooters, I just bought a scooter. It's so fun, right? But if I sell scooters, I don't say "Hey, I sell scooters, they're really Zippy." What you want to say is "People hate sitting in traffic, I sell scooters." All of a sudden, my scooter makes a lot more sense.

Let's say you met a couple of home chefs at a cocktail party. These at-home chefs will come to your house and cook for a party or cook for your family, etc. and you said to the person...

"What do you do?" and they say: "I'm an at-home chef" and you say: "That's interesting." You might ask them some follow-up questions, but you're probably not going to get their card and you probably don't even realize that you could use an at-home chef until you meet the second at-home chef and you say... "What do you do?" and they say: "Well, you know how most families don't have time to cook healthy meals and eat together anymore. I'm an at-home chef." Ask yourself this. Which chef is going to get the most business that night? We'll tell you, the second one is going to get all the business. Why? Because they've defined the problem. All right, here's the actual magical understanding you've got to have.

Everything That You Sell Is Medicine. If it's not medicine, it ain't selling. If it's not solving a problem, nobody wants it.

Until you actually define the pain, the medicine doesn't make sense. You go up to somebody and say:

"Hey, you want to buy some medicine?"

you're probably going to end up in jail.

But if you actually go up to somebody and say:

"Hey, you have a toothache, this medicine really works."

They're gonna say:

"Oh, I do have a toothache or my nephew has a toothache or I often get toothaches." Now they have a category for the solution that you provide but...your solution doesn't make sense until you define the problem.

Everybody is wondering why they should listen to you and whenever you define the problem, they go...

"That's why I should listen to you."

So start defining the problem that you solve and people will start paying attention ;)

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