This Type of Tagline Can Turn Sales and Make You Money!

We get asked this question all the time, how do I create a good tagline? That's that line that you put under your logo or the line that you say in your commercials or line that you put in your emails that explains what your company does.

Let's start off by saying, we like tag lines. We think they're important. IF they make sense.

But listen, the bottom line is a tagline should grow your company. It should affect the bottom line. A tagline should make you money. That's how you know it's a good tagline. It's making you money.

What is the enemy of that? Being cute or clever.

If you try to create a tagline that makes your brand sound sophisticated, or smart, or is cute or witty, it almost never is actually cute or witty.

It's just confusing...

The tagline should make you money. For example, there's a brand called Local Honey. And you would think local honey sells local honey. They don't!

And so they actually came up with a tagline that is super clear, that makes them money. The tagline is this... "We sell clothes. We do hair."

So, now nobody goes in wondering if they can get some honey. They know these people sell clothes. And these people do hair.

We love that tagline. That was smart. It's a great name for a business. You have to use a tagline that is going to make you money. Now if your business is pretty obvious for example, Acme plumbing. Then your tagline can change a little bit. It wouldn't be just "We do plumbing". 

It could be something like... "We're always on time"

Right? Because it counters a resistance such as... "You guys are never on time."

So in this case above, your tagline can be more elusive. If the name of your business is obvious. If the name of your business is elusive? Then your tagline needs to be clear. Whatever your business or brand name is or its tagline is. Just remember, clarity is going to win the day.

Your tagline should make you money. 

Here's a simple tip. Change your tagline so it clearly says what you do. It clearly says how you serve customers. For example, if the name of your business is, Johnson and corporate, customers won't know what Johnson corporate does. So they're going to need a tagline, it's clear. If the name of your business is actually clear, then use your tagline to state a differentiator: 

Here's what makes you better than other plumbers or better than other lawyers. Your tagline should state clearly what you do. 

Don't get cute or clever.

State what you do. If you're saying to yourself, there are so many competitors in the niche that I'm in and they all do the same thing but they aren't stating it clearly... You can beat them in the marketplace with a tagline that states it clearly.

Our simple tip reminder for you: Make sure your tagline clearly states what you do, and that will help your business grow.

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